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Beaumaris House by Maddison Architects

Beaumaris House - Architecture Modern Residence

Beaumaris House is a new contemporary modern house residence of Maddison Architects. This architect designed this residence in the Beaumaris suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The design of this house is just like rectangular box that are split into two. The black, zinc-clad southern box encloses living, kitchen and outdoor spaces, and cantilevers out beyond its ground floor enclosure to capture 270° Port Phillip Bay views. The discrete activities of the house, such as sleeping and bathing, are accommodated with the separate masonry northern wing. This house residence is currently for sale, provides you a modern shelter with 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom and great scenery of the natural site of the surrounding. worthed to be owned. well done job for the architect in designing this modern residence. via

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