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Barkow Leibinger Installation at Marrakech Biennale “Higher Atlas”

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Barkow Leibinger Installation’s “Loom-Hyperbolic” is a brand new public installation designed by Berlin-based Barkow Leibinger Architects, the architectural firm that have discursive research-based approach to architecture and design allows the work to respond to advancing knowledge and technology locating the practice as an international leader in digital and analogue fabrication techniques. This “Loom-Hyperbolic” Installation is designed as a part of the 2012 Marrakech Biennale “Higher Atlas” in Morocco. The Marrakech Biennale is the first major trilingual (English, Arabic & French) festival in North Africa focusing on cutting-edge contemporary art, literature and film.

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Barkow Leibinger Installation’s “Loom-Hyperbolic” made of 3-4mm Cotton yarn, 100mm Hand cut, Wood (Pine) Poles, Welded steel joints of plate and tubing (all materials and fabrication are on-site or local). This installation is inspired from the traditional Moroccan weaving on a wood frame loom a craft which involves organizing wool or cotton yarn into an array of (typically colored) lineal lines of yarn warped through a loom weaving and tying in order to produce a woven fabric surface. This year’s Moroccan biennale of contemporary international culture was curated by Carson Chan and Nadim Samman.

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