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Badboot Lido Coming to Antwerp this Summer

Badboot by SculpIT Architecten - 01

When you are visiting Eilandje in Antwerp, Belgium at the Kattendijkdok in mid-August, you will be able to see this absolutely stunning thing, One of the world’s biggest floating openair swimming pools called ‘Badboot’and it was designed by the design team architects Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens of Sculp(IT) Architecten, the architectural firm best known for one of their famous design project the narrowest house in Antwerp.

Badboot by SculpIT Architecten - 02

This brilliant project ‘Badboot’ floating swimming poll has a total length of 120 meters (394 feet), can accommodate 600 people. Not only providing the greatest floating swimming pool, this Badboot also will accomodate another feature including a swim basin, two event venues, several floors and a restaurant with a lounge terrace. ‘The Badboot is a perfect complement to the existing urban outdoor pools in Antwerp’, thinks Maarten Dieryck of the City of Antwerp.

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