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Appeal Conservatory Blinds Keeping You Warm in the Coldest Winter

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The Appeal Group recently commissioned an independent study on the thermal performance of their blinds in a conservatory. This report has shown that Appeal’s blinds play a significant role in the reduction of the internal temperature in the summer, whilst helping to retain heat in the winter.

Appeal Contemporary Pleated Blinds

Blinds offer valuable insulation in the cold winter months. The research collected from the independent Faber Maunsell Report shows that the addition of Appeal’s Alu-Pleat® and Solar R® blinds to a conservatory can help reduce heating bills by up to 18% To put this into perspective, adding double glazing to the average single glazed home can reduce heat loss by up to 10%*

Appeal’s Alu-Pleat® and Solar R® blinds also offer the highest reduction in the build up of excessive internal heat in the summer – reflecting an astonishing 85% of heat energy back outside the conservatory.

During the hottest part of the day the sun’s rays beat down on the roof of a glazed room and around 80% of summer heat gain comes through the roof of a glazed room. Research shows that roof blinds are three times more effective at reducing internal temperatures than side blinds.

Conservatories or indeed any glass spaces are affected by the extremes of the British seasons. The addition of blinds in the hot summer months will significantly reduce the otherwise stifling temperature limiting the need for expensive, carbon emitting air-conditioning and fans. Whilst during the winter, these conservatory blinds help to keep the warmth in, reducing the need for excessive heating to keep these glass spaces at a comfortable temperature. To find out more about the ranges of blinds and fabrics available from Appeal visit

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