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Antique Chair Wendell Castle Rockin’ at the Barry Friedman Gallery

wendell antique chair black edition

Wendell Castle Rocking chair, the antique and unique futuristic chair made from special wood. The Barry Friedman Gallery, is the gallery where they are currently featuring Wendell Castle’s Rockin’ exhibition. This unique chairs are made from the great idea by combining the beautiful shape and gesture. its a wonderful masterpiece for a chair. the idea of the chair is come from some illustrates just like For example, Ghost Rider, a large attenuated rocking chair, illustrates Castle’s ability to intertwine complex technique with bold and graceful lyricism: with the pod-like seat suspended quietly between swooping legs, it is a calm in a storm of motion.

white wendell chair antique edition

This unique chair is made by The designer Wendell Castle at the height of his career and creativity. Recently, contemporary works have been acquired by major museums including: the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, TX); Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institutions (New York, NY): Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY); and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO). (source)

blue antique wenndel chair brown antique wendell chair two become one seat wandell chair design wendell chair three become one edition fashion chair green and red edition
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