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America Votes Chicago Home Ugliest House of the Year for HomeVestors®

Ugliest House of the Year

Chicago has the ugliest house in America. That’s according to thousands of people who voted online at in HomeVestors’ Second Annual Ugliest House of the Year contest. The “winner” was announced today at the company’s annual convention at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

“People know us for our famous ‘We Buy Ugly Houses’® billboards, and this contest is proof that we mean what we say,” said John Hayes, president and CEO of HomeVestors of America.

The Chicago winner is a 100-year-old property located at 10347 S. Avenue L. The house was purchased by HomeVestors franchisee Scott Gottlieb of SNL Realty, LLC, and has been restored.

“This house was ugly from the inside out,” said Gottlieb. “It was animal-infested and completely piled high with garbage. On our first visit we couldn’t even get the front and back doors open due to the amount of clutter pressed against the walls.” Gottlieb purchased the property, managed the clean up and sold it to a wholesaler who gutted the house and handled the restoration.

“This was a true before and after makeover,” added Gottlieb. “Once upon a time it was a historic, beautiful house, and thankfully it’s been restored to its former glory.” The house was recently put on the market and quickly found a buyer.

“Our nation may have seen its ugliest year for residential real estate yet, but our business is ugly every year,” said Hayes, whose franchise network has bought more than 37,000 homes for cash. “The Chicago winner is a perfect example of how HomeVestors is helping communities across America turn eyesores into something wonderful. We buy houses that nobody else would ever dream of buying and either renovate them or find investors to restore them and create a beautiful home for a family.”

The Chicago home was one of ten finalists in the running for Ugliest House of the Year. The online voting took place from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15.

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