Architecture Things » Albero Coat Hanger by Fabio Bortolani

Albero Coat Hanger by Fabio Bortolani

Albero Coat Hanger

Placed your favorite coat in this contemporary beautiful coat hanger called the Albero Coat Hanger. Spotted at Lapalma, this beautifully constructed and wildly imaginative designed by Fabio Bortolani. The creative design of a modern coat hanger that takes on the classic coat rack combined with the use of materials and exceptional creativity, made this simple hanger becomes elegant and chic for your coat. The design is actually simple with four arms at different heights. but with a little magic touch of the designer, this hanger which is available in aluminum, white lacquered aluminum, or matte chrome, this albero coat rack shines as a brilliant and practical household accessory. via

Albero Coat Hangers
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