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Acme Brick to Distribute Green Building Products from VAST Enterprises, LLC

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Acme Brick and VAST Enterprises, LLC announced that Acme has agreed to distribute VAST composite masonry products as an alternative for green building. VAST composite masonry products, which are manufactured in a patented blend of post-consumer recycled automobile tires and plastic containers, include Composite Landscape Pavers, Composite Permeable Pavers for stormwater management, Composite Deck Pavers, and Composite Thin Brick. Under the agreement, Acme now distributes VAST products in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico.

VAST Composite Pavers are ideal for rooftops LR

“This market for green building materials is projected to expand by 7 percent annually over the next five years, and Acme Brick is committed to being our customers’ partner in green building, ” said Dennis Knautz, president and chief executive officer, Acme Brick. “That’s why we have introduced new alternatives like our lean brick, and that’s why we are distributing VAST composite masonry products. VAST gives our customers, especially those pursuing LEED certification for their projects, another exceptional option for green building.”

“With Acme Brick’s decision to distribute VAST products, composite masonry takes its place as an established alternative for green building, ” said Andy Vander Woude, LEED AP, chief executive officer, VAST Enterprises, LLC.

The lean versions of Acme’s King Size and modular brick are the company’s most earth-friendly to date. Acme Brick engineers’ innovation in brick design increases the area of a brick’s core holes from 25 percent to 33 percent — without sacrificing any performance qualities. Lean brick yields savings of 11 percent in the energy used to fire brick. The 10 percent weight reduction generates additional savings in transportation energy requirements and costs.

With its patented material science technology, VAST transforms post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics into a new green building material: composite masonry. VAST’s technology achievement: engineering the world’s first composite material with up to 95 percent recycled content that provides the strength, durability and aesthetics required for landscape and hardscape applications. VAST products are cradle-to-cradle green. VAST’s manufacturing process starts with recycled car tires and plastic containers and minimizes greenhouse gases by reducing carbon emissions by 90 percent compared to concrete products. There is no scrap in the production process, and VAST pavers are 100 percent recyclable.

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  1. These are some cool pictures and going green is awesome.

  2. What a cool idea. I’m always amazed at how good ideas are made better when they’re made green.

  3. @Jo – You refer to an engrossing aspect there. Not everyone has the ability to ensure these effects are undertaken in the correct manner and helpful tips such as those you have provided will help promote the problems to a much larger point than it is at this time.

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    I am interesting in the pave brick . what is the price . I mean per square foot.
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