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Acapulco Antique Chairs From INNIT at ICFF 2010

Acapulco chair set

Very unique and antique design of chair found At ICFF 2010 in New York, INNIT, a contemporary furniture producer from Mexico, who were featuring their Acapulco chairs made from powder coated steel frames and vinyl cord, handcrafted using a Mayan weaving technique. This antique chair has various color that you can choose by your favorite. red, black, blue, green, white, and etc [source]

Acapulco chair black edition Acapulco chair green edition Acapulco chair in various colors
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  1. lex says:

    Those are very cool chairs but they’re definitely not a new design, the Acapulco Chair has been around forever and is imported by many companies all over the world. What I thought was smart and innovative at ICFF was the flatbed “guerilla” installation of Acapulco Chairs from Greenpointworks; theirs is just another version of this classic chair but it’s handmade in Brooklyn. People should rethink importing. Craft is the new cool!

  2. Anthony Berger says:

    Greenpoint purchased their first Acapulco chairs, the models upon which they constructed their chairs from Innit one month before their own release party for the chairs. Innit chairs are the original made in mexico designs.

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