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ABF Proposal ‘In-Closure’ Wins Seattle’s Urban Intervention Design Ideas Competition

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The Urban Intervention: The Howard S. Wright Design Ideas Competition for Public Space, finally found its winner, after the tight competition between architects around the world that joined this competition with their very own unique and great proposal design which are 107 proposals from 24 countries, the jury of internationally recognized design professionals and Seattle civic leaders finally announced that the winner for this competition is ABF, of Paris, France, for its design, In-Closure, which envisions an interactive wall around a forested landscape that is both flexible and dynamic, embracing social life in the city at multiple scales. via

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The ABF team consists of Etienne Feher, architect; Paul Azzopardi, urban engineer; and Noé Basch, climate engineer worked together to give the best through their proposal. what makes ABF architects won this competition, besides their proposal become the best proposal, through their proposal design, the jury found exceptional merit in several aspects of the ABF proposal:

– The proposed design demonstrated an understanding that the future of sustainable public spaces, and cities, depends on a sustainable social ecology of human interactions, as much if not more than technology-based solutions.
– The design works at a human scale that is critical to successful public spaces and the future of Seattle Center, envisioning how users will effectively create their own public spaces within a larger campus framework.
– The jury saw In-Closure as highly adaptive, developing over time and to changes in site and program, positively influencing public space and the broader ecology of the entire city.

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