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A New Approach to Energy and Resource Monitoring and Conservation

Energy and Resource Monitoring and Conservation

Advanced Telemetry, LLC, a company committed to empowering resource conservation, has recently introduced EcoViewTM, a proprietary, real-time energy and resource monitoring and control system for the residential customer. With the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, users can see up-to-the-minute reports on their energy and water consumption and take action to cut their carbon footprint and reduce costly utility bills.

Controlled through a simple-to-install wireless touch panel or web interface, EcoViewTM helps users understand and track how they are consuming resources in their home. Emboldened with this information, the home owner can make behavioral changes that will collectively result in the preservation of limited resources and reduced costs.

Through EcoViewTM, users can view real-time energy and water consumption, follow trends, track changes, identify key culprits of energy drain, set consumption goals, and directly control how resources in their home are being used. EcoViewTM also provides reports on the comparable environmental benefits of using the system. For example, users can see how their energy conservation relates to their consumption footprint and how their conservation actions equals the number of trees they have saved or the amount of CO2 emissions they have reduced, as well as their actual savings in dollars.

With EcoViewTM, users can remotely adjust the thermostat, turn lighting on or off, and monitor virtually any other energy-consuming device with additional sensors. A homeowner, for example, could employ EcoViewTM to adjust their thermostat setting from work, via the Internet, when weather conditions change. Whether raising the temperature in the winter just ahead of returning home from the office, or moderating air conditioning in the summer on days that don’t turn out as hot as forecasted, the system provides homeowners with a means of enjoying comfortable climate control.

Central to Advanced Telemetry’s mission is an innovative technology that provides convenient and actionable resource consumption information to enable realistic eco-conscious change that anyone can implement. “There clearly is a need to better understand how we use and unintentionally waste resources in our homes. That’s why we set out to design technology that could simply, powerfully, and cost-effectively demonstrate, in real-time, how resources are consumed. We give homeowners the ability to control their consumption while it’s happening, ” said Gus Ezcurra, CEO of Advanced Telemetry. “We are all well aware of the environmental impacts and costs of an increasingly power-hungry lifestyle. EcoViewTM offers an easy way to do something about it. With EcoViewTM, knowledge isn’t only power, it can also help reduce consumption of it.”

EcoViewTM is the only cost-effective residential and small commercial energy management system that enables users to easily view and reduce their resource consumption and utility bills with the touch of a button.

Advanced Telemetry, LLC is a provider of industrial, corporate, and consumer technology for resource conservation through the presentation of convenient and visually illustrative environmental information, enabling changes that collectively result in the preservation of resources and reduced energy costs.

Advanced Telemetry is headquartered at 1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 101, Larkspur, California 94939-1721 and has a development facility in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit or call (415) 464-4872.

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