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A Convertible Chair FlatFish no.1.2

FlatFish no.1.2 - Aluminum Furniture

After success with the previous multifunction furniture, here is the remake of the FlatFish no.1.1. Operating in the same fashion as FlatFish 1.1 this multi-use piece of convertible furniture works as a dining chair, side table, small coffee table or bench. What makes this FlatFish no.1.2 different from the previous design, this furniture is the aluminum version, elegant and modern touch is seen in this furniture. FlatFish no.1.2 made of light gauge aluminum, which are then formed and welded together. The legs are also waterjet cut and formed from 3/16” plate steel. FlatFish 1.2 has a durable powder coat finish and is available in a variety of colors. via

FlatFish no.1.2 - Chair Mode FlatFish no.1.2 - Furniture Collection
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