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499.SUMMIT – Jersey City Prison Design

Jersey City Prison Design - 01

Wondering what the future prison design will be here we got the preview of the future prison design from the 499.SUMMIT, a conceptual proposal design of a collaborative effort by grad students Andreas Tjeldflaat and Gregory Knobloch for a futuristic high-rise urban penitentiary in Jersey City. This 499.SUMMIT by Andreas Tjeldflaat and Gregory Knobloch was designed as a challenge the conventions of traditional prison design.

Jersey City Prison Design - 02

This 499.SUMMIT proposal was designed as the answer of the lack of the innovation and re-imagination of the failure of the prison system to see advancements throughout the past century. This future prison of in Jersey City will be designed as a simple yet powerful ideas that re-imagine the high-rise as an urban penitentiary. And the result is a futuristic prison concept consists of three towers in the shape of an arch. The inherent linear and formal qualities of the ‘arch’ allowed us to establish our key circulatory concept: UP, OVER, DOWN. Each arch has three primary phases, Incarceration (up), Transformation (over), and Integration (down).

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